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2019 Global Surrender Fast

It's Time to Understand the Times

Last December, while in Kisii, Kenya attending a Prayer Summit, a powerful message went forth from this text: 

"Of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their command." (I Chronicles 12:32, NKJV)

I was arrested in my seat; I had never read that scripture before, but it wouldn't let me go. Later in my hotel room, I read the scripture over and over again. 

God was speaking and I didn't want to miss a word. 

Just a few days later, my friend said quite randomly while we were talking about our goals for 2019, "it's like the sons of Issachar, they understood the times." 

And if that wasn't enough, on Periscope as I talked about the importance of setting godly goals, a participant typed in the comment box "the sons of Issachar." 

In one week's time, God brought to me the same commentary, it's time for us to understand the times!

Many complaints are going up about the weakened state of the church and our lack of understanding, but the church isn't a building; it's not random people; it's YOU. 

Unless you have a personal revival in your heart, the church will not be strengthened. 

You're not waiting on God, He's waiting on you. It's time for you, the church, to rise up and set your world on fire (your family, your church, your community) as  you seek God's  face to understand the times! 

Dates: September 2 - October 11, 2019

I Want Understanding!

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