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Surrender 365 Inc. has partnered with the Lepers Aid Committee in Ghana, West Africa to establish a 

pilot micro-loan project to support the 

economic development and self-sufficiency of people living with leprosy in Ghana.  

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Leprosy Won't Define Them!

The Social Stigma


Even “cured” lepers, those who have completed the multi-drug therapy which treats the disease, are still very ostracized in Ghanaian society.  There is a huge social stigma present which often leads to complete isolation from mainstream society and feelings of extreme loneliness and despair. People who have been diagnosed with leprosy are generally rejected and abandoned by their families and left to fend for themselves.

Items for Sell


In addition, it is often extremely challenging for individuals affected by leprosy to find ways to earn a living.  Many turn to begging on the streets to survive.  The micro-loan projects will provide opportunities for individuals to generate their own income by purchasing items such as a sewing machine and fabric to sew clothes or food items that can be sold in the local marketplace and on the Surrender 365, Inc. website.  

Living with Dignity


In addition to providing a source of income for the individuals in the leper colonies, micro-loan projects also provide each person with an opportunity to regain their sense of self-dignity and self-worth, and to build their self-esteem.  It is our hope that by participating in the micro-loan pilot project, individuals with leprosy will begin to feel like they are valued members of society, rather than outcasts.

Community is Key


The Surrender 365 Inc. Team is also very excited to be able to support the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of people living with leprosy.  We will be sharing the love of Christ by offering a Christian retreat for the residents and staff of Weija Leprosarium in Accra, Ghana while we are there.  We will also facilitate a “Story Circle” at the Leprosarium, a space where people can share their stories and be heard, and listened to, with love. 

Massage and Water


In addition, we will be providing healing touch through massage and the use of aromatherapy oils. And lastly, we would like to assist the Lepers Aid Committee with the repair of 2 boreholes in the leper colonies located in Ho and Ankaful, Ghana. This will provide a clean and safe source of water for all of the people living in these two colonies.

They Need You!


We cannot do any of this without your support!  Please consider making a donation to support the livelihood, and the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people with leprosy in Ghana!  Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity!

Your Support Matters!

$100. or more will assist with the cost of a borehole (one borehole costs $5,000)  

$7300. pays for the year-long micro-loan program for entrepreneurs with leprosy

$25. helps us to purchase massage & aromatherapy oils

$20. helps us to buy materials for the Christian retreat (Bibles, journals, etc)

(Original painting by John in colony)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card