Morning Prayer Call Playback (2019)


Playback number (515) 604-9678, Access code: 376449

Week 1 : You Are Loved

Day 1 - Dr. Celeste Owens/Andel Owens                                 LISTEN Ref No. 91

Day 2 - Dr. Celeste Owens/Pastor Haywood Robinson, III    LISTEN Ref No. 94

Day 3 - Lady Malinda Chisholm                                                 LISTEN Ref No. 95

Day 4 - Marina Mukandala/Sonya Peebles                              LISTEN Ref No. 96

Day 5 - Weekly Wrap-up w/Karen Ward & Pastor Donald Chisholm Sr. 

                                                                                                        LISTEN Ref No. 98 

Week 2: Healing is Your Birthright

Day 8 - Dr. Celeste Owens/Andel Owens                                 LISTEN  Ref No. 100

Day 9 - Dr. Celeste Owens/Pastor Demond Applewhite       LISTEN Ref No. 101

Day 10 - Lady Malinda Chisholm                                               LISTEN Ref No. 104

Day 11 - Dr. Cozzette Lyons-Jones/Sonya Peebles                 LISTEN Ref No. 106

Day 12 - Weekly Wrap-up w/James Tate & Pastor Donald Chisholm Sr. 

                                                                                                         LISTEN Ref No. 107

Week 3: You Have Nothing to Fear

Week 4: Lack Doesn't Exist

Week 5: You Can Ask for What You Want

Week 6: You Can Live in Perfect Peace

Guest Presenters

Marina Mukandala


Marina Mukandala is the CEO and founder of Mind Body Flow Yoga, in East Amherst, New York, and certified as a Baptiste Yoga Teacher. Arguably the best yoga instructor on the planet!  Her genuine love for God and people is evident in her practice.

Karen Ward


Karen Ward, Advanced Certified Personality Trainer, is available to speak and train on "The Personalities" (Popular Sanguine, Powerful Choleric, Perfect Melancholy, Peaceful Phlegmatic) for your business, social events, ministry, and retreats.

Dr. Sundra Ryce


Dr. Sundra Ryce is a corporate leader, entrepreneur and leadership strategist headquartered in Western New York.

James Tate


James Tate's personal journey to lose and keep off weight resulted in him establishing Beyond W8 Loss Total Wellness Center LLC, a Christ-led “Wholelistic” wellness center focused on “Total Fat Loss” (Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical) and improving overall health. 

Lady Chanelle Mann


Chanelle Mann is a speaker and the first lady of Good Will Community Church in Buffalo, New York where Kyle Mann is the Pastor. She is also the sister of Dr. Celeste Owens. She and her husband reside in Buffalo with their 3 daughters.

Dr. Cozzette Lyons-Jones


Dr. Cozzette Lyons-Jones is a medical doctor, a leader, a teacher and a missionary with a heart for God’s people in multiple spheres of ministry. 

LaToya Fonville


LaToya Fonville is an international speaker who's passionate about encouraging individuals to see their full potential and walk in purpose and destiny. As a speaker/trainer and enterprising business woman she utilizes entrepreneurship as a platform to create wealth!

Chereace Richards


Chereace Richards is a coach, keynote speaker and entrepreneur who has been featured in numerous magazines and books, including Washington Post Magazine. Chereace has received numerous awards and recognition including the Woman of Distinction in Leadership.

Omiana Muller


Omiana Muller is the CEO and founder of Styled By OmiOmy, an image consulting business on a mission to style, inspire, empower, and liberate clients from the inside out. 

Tyra Lane-Kingsland


Tyra Lane-Kingsland is no stranger to inspiring hearts. From her role as a Women’s Ministry Leader to her former role as a performance improvement coach and facilitator for a Top Twenty Fortune 500 Company, Tyra has provided encouragement to countless people. Her desire is to help women LIVE FULLY by nurturing the mind, body and spirit.

Janelle Briscoe


Janelle Briscoe is one of the leaders for the Teen Surrender Fast group. She attends Stevenson University on a full scholarship and is engaged. She loves to play volleyball, read books, paint and eat good food. 

Cherise Folkes


Cherise Folkes aka "Cherise Styles" is the CEO and founder of Wear Your Confidence LLC. With her straightforward, honest and humorous personality Cherise teaches and motivates girls and teens to know who God created them to be and to accept and be confident with who they are! 

Pastor and Lady Chisholm


Pastor Donald Chisholm Sr, is the senior pastor of the Latter Rain Cathedral in Lockport, NY. Lady Malinda Chisholm is the Women's Ministry Leader. They will have been married for 50 years this October and have 8 children and a host of grandchildren.

The Latter Rain Cathedral


Join them for Sunday Service 11am!

9 Bristol Ave (311.90 mi)
Lockport , New York 14094

Prayer Team

Shanta Kingsham - Coordinator

Dr. Celeste Owens

Andel Owens

Min. Warren Sims

Pastor Donald Chisholm

Lady Malinda Chisholm

LaToya Fonville

Sonya "Cousin Sonya" Peebles

Kenneth Blackwell

Karen Ward