Morning Prayer Call Playback (2018)


Playback number (515) 604-9678, Access code: 376449

Week 1 : Basic Repentance

Day 1 - Dr. Celeste Owens/Min. Warren Sims                      

Call in Only (515) 604-9678, Access code: 376449, Ref no. 14

Day 2 - Dr. Celeste Owens/Andel Owens                              LISTEN       Ref no. 16

Day 3 - Wednesday with First Lady Chisholm                      LISTEN       Ref no. 18

Day 4 - Nichole Thomas/Sonya Peebles                                LISTEN       Ref no. 22

Day 5 - Karen Ward/Pastor Donald Chisholm                      LISTEN       Ref no. 24

Week 2: Basic Love

Day 8 - Dr. Celeste Owens/Pastor Jeanette Vaughn            LISTEN       Ref no. 26

Day 9 - Dr. Celeste Owens/Andel Owens                              LISTEN       Ref no. 29

Day 10 - Wednesday with First Lady Chisholm                    LISTEN       Ref no. 33

Day 11 - Dr. Sundra Ryce/Sonya Peebles                              LISTEN       Ref no. 36

Day 12 - Karen Ward/Pastor Donald Chisholm Sr.              LISTEN       Ref no. 38

Week 3: Basic Healing

Day 15 - Dr. Celeste Owens/Prophetess Latishia Smith     LISTEN       Ref no. 40

Day 16 - Dr. Celeste Owens/Andel Owens                            LISTEN       Ref no 42

Day 17 - Wednesday with Lady Malinda Chisholm              LISTEN       Ref no 44  

Day 18 - Dr. Cozzette Lyons-Jones/Sonya Peebles               LISTEN       Ref no 47

Day 19 - James Tate/Pastor Donald Chisholm Sr.                LISTEN       Ref no 49

Week 4: Basic Faith

Day 22 - Dr. Celeste Owens/Jason Chisholm                        LISTEN       Ref no 51

Day 23 - Dr. Celeste Owens/Andel Owens                            LISTEN       Ref no 53

Day 24 - Wednesday with Lady Malinda Chisholm              LISTEN       Ref no 54

Day 25 - Prophetess Lynne Parker/Sonya Peebles              LISTEN       Ref no 61

Day 26 - Karen Ward/Pastor Donald Chishom Sr.               LISTEN       Ref no 62

Week 5: Basic Peace

Day 29 - Dr. Celeste Owens/Franklin Davis                           LISTEN      Ref no 65

Day 30 - Dr. Celeste Owens/Andel Owens                            LISTEN      Ref no 66

Day 31 - First Lady Chisholm                                                   LISTEN      Ref no 68

Day 32 - Tanya Murphy/Sonya Peebles                                 LISTEN      Ref no 71

Day 33 - Andel Owens/Pastor Donald Chisholm                  LISTEN      Ref no 72

Week 6: Basic Unity

Day 36 - Dr. Celeste Owens/LaToya Fonville                         LISTEN      Ref no 73

Day 37 - Dr. Celeste Owens/Andel Owens                             LISTEN      Ref no74

Day 38 - First Lady Malinda Chisholm                                    LISTEN      Ref no 77

Day 39 - Edward and Debbie Smith/Sonya Peebles             LISTEN      Ref no 79

Day 40 - Chereace Richards/James Tate/Pastor Donald Chisholm            

                                                                                                      LISTEN       Ref no 80

Guest Presenters

Nichole Thomas


Nichole Thomas is an author, speaker and Integrative Health Specialist. Co-founder of Virtuous Living, a luxury wellness brand rooted in faith, guided by excellence and produced in love. Use code: SURRENDER18 to save on spices.

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Karen Ward


Karen Ward, Advanced Certified Personality Trainer, is available to speak and train on "The Personalities" (Popular Sanguine, Powerful Choleric, Perfect Melancholy, Peaceful Phlegmatic) for your business, social events, ministry, and retreats.

Dr. Sundra Ryce


Dr. Sundra Ryce is a corporate leader, entrepreneur and leadership strategist. She is the president of SRI and the president and CEO of SLR Contracting & Service Company, Inc. (SLR). SLR is a successful construction and development company, headquartered in New York.

James Tate


James Tate's personal journey to lose and keep off weight resulted in him establishing Beyond W8 Loss Total Wellness Center LLC, a Christ-led “Wholelistic” wellness center focused on “Total Fat Loss” (Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical) and improving overall health. 

Tanya Murphy


Tanya is a Brain Health & Wellness Coach, Professional Functional Aromatherapist and Creator of the “ReMaster Your Mind” program and retreats designed to help clients overcome stress, anxiety, panic, depression and self defeating thoughts. 

Dr. Cozzette Lyons-Jones


Dr. Cozzette Lyons-Jones is a medical doctor, a leader, a teacher and a missionary with a heart for God’s people in multiple spheres of ministry. 

Edward and Debbie Smith


THE SMITHS are committed to helping couples understand God’s plan for relationships. Whether you’ve been married five months, five years, or five decades, MEET THE SMITHS will help you deepen your friendship with your spouse and IGNITE your marriage.

Lynne Parker


Lynne C. Parker, Vision Steward and Founder IC4U, Inc.  -  PAK'ed Experience Host. IC4U provides resources to promote victorious outcomes for: personal, social, and professional relationships.

Prayer Team

Dr. Celeste Owens

Andel Owens

Warren Sims

Pastor Donald Chisholm

Lady Malinda Chisholm

Karen Ward

LaToya Fonville

Sonya "Cousin Sonya" Peebles