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Book Review

The 40-Day Surrender Fast

When I read the title of this book one word stood out, “Surrender.” I must admit, I felt uncomfortable and intrigued simultaneously. The mention of a fast didn’t bother me at all. It was the surrender part that claimed my attention. Anyone can fast but not everyone is willing to surrender as Dr. Owens describes –especially me.

From the very first page I was drawn in. I learned what it meant to surrender to a life in Christ with no barganing, negotiating or regard for how I (or that is to say my flesh) might be inconvenienced. And yes, I was inspired to give me up for a time and focus on Him. 

Dr. Owens takes us on a daily guided tour to hear God and reflect upon what He is saying or revealing to us. We are challenged to brave enough to face ourselves and have honest conversations to promote growth.  

The 40-Day Surrender Fast–The Guide for Releasing Your Plan, Renewing Your Mind, and Restoring Your Life by Dr. Celeste Owens is a unique quest for self-discovery and God-discovery.  

An indelible imprint has been left upon my life; the words truly ministered to my soul. I have been so impacted by her words that I have purchased additional copies to give as gifts. 

It is perfect for pastors to use as a companion to traditional fasts, ministry leaders as a personal development tool and individuals seeking day to day victory for life challenges.

The 40-Day Surrender Fast is a book and more; it is a life style gauranteed to improve the quality of your Christ relationship as a believer. 

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Lynne Parker

Vision Steward, IC4U, Inc.