Awakening to the Heartbeat of God!


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Eight years ago Dr. Celeste  left everything--private practice, national speaking  platform, ministry role at my church--just because God said.

That same year, through the process of fasting, she found myself; she awakened to the person God created her to be from the beginning.

How did she do it? She surrendered.

‚ÄčAnd since that time she's  been traveling the world empowering others to do the same; to become their glorious, fabulous selves through surrender. 

The Surrender Awakening: GSF Live Experience



Join us for a night of impartation, teaching, prayer and tasting as we prepare our hearts for this year's Global Surrender Fast.
Registration is donation-based. All proceeds go to benefit Surrender 365, Inc.

Where: Clifton Park Baptist Church
8818 Piney Branch Rd, Silver Spring, MD When: Friday, September 7, 2018
Time: 7:00-9:00pm
Pastor: Rev Essentino Lewis 


Photo credit: Warren Timothy Photography