Awakening to the Heartbeat of God!


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Eight years ago Dr. Celeste  left everything--private practice, national speaking  platform, ministry role at my church--just because God said.

That same year, through the process of fasting, she found myself; she awakened to the person God created her to be from the beginning.

How did she do it? She surrendered.

​And since that time she's  been traveling the world empowering others to do the same; to become their glorious, fabulous selves through surrender. 

The Surrender Awakening: GSF Live Experience



Join us for a night of impartation, teaching, prayer and tasting as we prepare our hearts for this year's Global Surrender Fast.
Registration is donation-based. All proceeds go to benefit Surrender 365, Inc.

Where: Clifton Park Baptist Church
8818 Piney Branch Rd, Silver Spring, MD When: Friday, September 7, 2018
Time: 7:00-9:00pm
Pastor: Rev Essentino Lewis 


Photo credit: Warren Timothy Photography