Bring the Surrender Awakening to Your City!

Bring the Surrender Awakening to Your City!

Bring the Surrender Awakening to Your City!Bring the Surrender Awakening to Your City!Bring the Surrender Awakening to Your City!

Who We Are

Meet Dr. Celeste


In 2010, I left everything--private practice, national speaking platform, ministry role at my church--just because God said.  That same year I awakened to my true call and purpose and wrote The 40-Day Surrender Fast which is changing lives around the world. Now it's your turn. Finding and staying in your flow isn't as hard as you might think. It simply takes courage, faith, and full surrender. 

Surrender Missions


Surrender 365, Inc. is the missions arm of Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries.  Surrender 365, Inc. helps people all over the world to develop a deeper relationship with God and experience the liberating power of surrender to Him through teaching and preaching God’s word.  Surrender 365 also facilitates the provision of critically-needed goods and services to the poor and needy, and donates money to organizations with a like-minded mission. 

The Surrender Philosophy


Surrender is simply doing God's will, His way. For many years, I did God's will, my way and lived beneath my privilege. Living out your true call requires you to take a certain amount of risk and a willingness to be uncomfortable. Greatness is found outside the comfort zone. It's time to step out into the deep and live the life God intended from the beginning. The 40-Day Surrender Fast is a powerful tool to get you to a place of surrender.

What We Do

The Surrender Awakening


The Surrender Awakening provides a space for transformation. Each seminar is designed to cause you to go deep into your being and rise higher in your thinking uprooting any belief that has held you bound, sick, and unproductive. Your spirit will soar as you awaken to the heart beat and purposes of God through surrender. Find an event or bring this experience to your city. Topics and presenters change based on your specific needs.  

Global Surrender Fast


Each year believers from around the globe join together for 40 days of prayer and fasting. The 2019 Global Surrender Fast is from August 26 - October 11. Individuals, senior pastors and ministry groups are encouraged to join us! We are expecting miracles, signs and wonders as we collectively surrender our maladaptive habits to the Lord.  

Surrender Break Room


Live each weekday on Periscope! The Surrender Break is a place where you can come in relax, regroup, then re-engage the world with a whole new perspective. Join our live audience as we discuss the process of surrender and how it enhances every aspect of your life. Download Periscope in the App store.


Listen to hear the backstory of the Surrender Fast in an interview conducted by Dr. Terry of Breakaway on WGTS 91.9.

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