The 40-Day Surrender Fast


Those were the words that author Celeste Owens wrote to over 100 bloggers in 2010 who decided to take her up on her claim. They gave God 40 days and their hearts, and He did the miraculous. 

This book is the fruit of their time with Him. Do you sense God calling you to a new season, but fearful of releasing your plan? Dr. Celeste personally understands the challenges associated with releasing control. Incidentally, the surrender fast was birthed from her desire to do and be something new in God. 

In this book, she will help you: release your plan for His, renew your mind through the process of surrender, and be restored to right relationship with God, yourself, and others. 

The 40-Day Surrender Fast is not only a devotional, but a unique opportunity for you to experience God in a new way. 

Forty days and a surrendered heart WILL change your life.

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Surrender Is as Easy as 1-2-3!


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What Others are Saying...

The Path to Clarity

Your book changed my life. Learning to surrender things blocking me from stepping into what God called me to do was the game changer for my company Gwen,Inc. Supernatural things happened to me that gave me as my company mission says, increased confidence, competence, courage and calm to clear my path of the mental and emotional clutter blocking my blessings. I continue the practice of surrender it is central to how I live now. 

Pleasantly Surprised

This was no short journey, but I'm grateful to have embarked on it. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that the author is from my hometown. This journey stretched me. I'm so glad that the Lord allowed me to look internally with this one. It was definitely an awesome experience that blessed me richly. I'm looking forward to repeating it again in the future.

Highly Recommend!

I've read the book once already (last year) and received deliverance from idling! I purchased two additional copies for family members recently, so we could fast together. Each daily chapter is short yet power-packed with scriptural references and reflection questions, all of which are great ways to form a habit of spending time with God on a daily basis. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking guidance on fasting and deliverance.


Anyone desiring a closer walk with God and an abundant blessing in the form of true spiritual growth should read and participate in the Surrender Fast. This is one experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Celeste!

Expect a Move of God

I thoroughly enjoyed reading and participating in the surrender fast. I journaled each day and will add some of that to my blog. If you're just looking for a book, it isn't just that. It's interactive, convicting, encouraging, and brings about an encounter with God like you've never seen before! Are you ready to surrender?

Absolutely Heaven Sent

This book is amazing. I actually already have this book and was purchasing it for a family member. I highly recommend this book. I have read this book over 3 times and each time I am touched a different way. You will not be the same after reading this book and going through this Surrender Fast.


Check out this video on how to do the Surrender Fast!